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Pumped: Bass House Essentials is a revolutionary sample pack crafted by W. A. Production to spice up your Bass House mixes. This pack is full of amazing, high quality Presets and Samples. Pumped: Bass House Essentials is packed with basically 3 types of packs in one! Featuring Bass House Nation, Dirty Bass Drops and Wobble Bass Tools type packs that all have their own very unique sounds.

Bass House is a style of House that emerged when Deep House gained Popularity in the early to mid 2010s. This genre stemmed from producers experimenting with different forms of Bass Music, such as Dubstep, Complextro or Brostep and mixing them with the House music tempo and rhythm (sometimes using D&Bs rapid BPMs).

Being heavily influenced by UK Garage, the drums in Bass Music over all are a lot more active unlike usual House music. Let’s go over the fundamentals on a typical Bass House track!

A typical bass house track tends to blend 4x4 beats and synths that are already commonly found in house with powerful bass wobbles and other synths that are often found in Dubstep or Brostep and similar genres. Bass house has a slower BPM of usually 120 to 128 BPM. The drums in Bass House are a lot more active than usual House drums. Bass House is a very broad genre, as every producer has the option to choose to either go with the heavier style, or lean more toward the classic House sound.

This pack will 100% assist any Bass House producer make some of the most ground breaking tracks the genre has ever seen! Record Labels and Promoters are SURE to love it. We guarantee you that this pack will make you production quality so much higher, with samples that are so perfect, you can just drag and drop them into you projects, no processing needed!

I know you guys can’t wait to see what is in this pack! Here is what you will find inside:

• 20 Construction Kits
• 231 Drum Loops
• 134 Drum Samples
• 14 FX Samples
• 70 Melody Loops
• 78 Spire, Serum & Massive Presets
• 20 Synth Shots
• Ableton and FL Studio Templates


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