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Pumped Dubstep Essentials is a game changing Dubstep pack created by the best Dubstep Sound Designers on the market. Grabbing this pack will assure easy production in the dubstep game, one of the most intense EDM genres to dabble in.

Much like before, we are shoving 3 packs in to one! Let us start with Brostep Gang. A powerful pack filled with amazing and high quality presets that will one up your production. Also full of amazingly creative Bass Loops, Drum Hits and Drum Loops that are so amazing you can just drop them into your mix, no problem. We spent countless hours making sure this pack was perfect as it could be, so we have also added an Ableton Template, so you can see how the general arrangement of a Brostep track is written. Use this project file to you advantage, to give you the creative motivation you need to write some amazing drops or melodies.

Moving on to Dubstep Worms, a ground breaking pack when it comes to Dubstep Sound Design. With complex Presets, Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Kicks and Snares, Dubstep Worms is a sure way to go to get the highest quality sound the industry has to offer. Our sounds designers gather to discuss how they should go about making some insane growl basses without making them sound to generic, and with many hours spent into making sure they crafted to most unique tables and presets, they came up with Dubstep Worms, an amazingly unique sounding pack.

Let’s find out some history on the Dubstep Genre. Of course, Dubstep is a genre of Electronic Dance Music that found its origin in South London, England. It developed in the late 1990s as a particle within a linage of related styles such as 2-Step Garage, Dub, Techno, Drum and Bass, Broken Beat, Jungle, and Reggae. Some of the earliest Dubstep releases date back to 1998, and we usually found as B-Sides of 2-Step Garage single releases. These kind of tracks we generally darker, more experimental remixes with less emphasis on vocals. Though some of these rules or standards have changes over time with more and more Dubstep tunes have vocal melody driver. 2012 was the highlight come up year for Dubstep in the mainstream EDM game, and continuously grows year after year.

But wait, we have another thing to talk about. We have also included EDM Reggae Vocals. If two packs of crazy presets and hard hitting samples wasn’t enough for you, we have this amazing pack of Reggae Vocals, one of the many trademarks of Dubstep. The reason this is a trademark in Dubstep, is because Dubstep is a break off genre of Dub, which in term is an experimental version of Reggae which features vocals, shouts and ad libs such as the ones in this pack. The vocals are the perfect way to add some versatility to your track.

Now that was a ton of stuff to read, but I know you still want to know what is in this game changing pack. Go ahead, check it out!

• 1 Ableton Template
• 30 Bass Loops
• 90 Drum Samples
• 30 Drum Loops
• 138 xFer Serum Presets
• 295 Vocal Samples & Loops


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