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Pumped EDM Essentials 2 is our second installment of the Pumped EDM Essentials series, and its even more powerful than the first installment. Both of the Pumped EDM Essentials packs are behemoths among other packs on the market, so we know you guys will really appreciate this monster!

Like others, Pump EDM Essentials 2 is basically 3 packs in one, let us discuss those! First let’s start with EDM Squad 2. A powerful, compacted pack of the most amazing EDM Presets and Construction Kits out there. Packed with 12 of the most complex EDM Construction Kits that are meant to inspire and spark creativity in any producer that has access to them. It is truly unfair to release something this amazing, but we want to give you guys only the best. We assure you, you will be able to destroy the EDM scene with this pack.

Moving on to Electro Vocal Essentials, a pack that is packed absolutely full of the worst most creative and breath taking Vocal Loops, Buildups, Samples and Shouts. This pack is for sure going to assist any producer with any and all of their vocal needs. There is now no longer the need to go find you own vocals to chop up and loops, because with this beast of a pack, we have done that for you. Take any sample in this pack, and simply drag and drop it into your track, the samples and loops are of that high of a quality that it will be just that easy.

Last but definitely not least, is Redhead Roman Exclusive EDM, which is basically an Artist Pack from the W. A. Production CEO, Roman Trachta. Going by the alias Redhead Roman, Roman has made this crazy pack full of things like Drum Loops, Fills, FX, Kicks, Melody Loops, Presets, Synth Shots and Top Loops all with a personal touch from Roman. Roman is a vey talented Sound Designer and Producer, and has given you guy the opportunity to see his talent. This pack is crafted to perfection to assure all producers who use it an easy over all mix down. We know how hard getting samples to sound perfect can be, so, as we always do, we have done that for you!

Now, that was a lot of information to take in, and we know why you guys are here. You want to see what these pack contain, well check this out!

• 12 Construction Kits
• 55 Drum Loops & Top Loops
• 12 Drum Fills
• 13 FX Samples
• 19 Kick Samples
• 50 Melody Loops
• 10 Synths Shots
• 284 Vocal Samples
• 69 Sylenth1, Spire & Massive Presets


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