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Pumped Future Bass Essentials is one of the best Future Bass packs to ever be created. And of course it was crafted by W. A. Production! Who else could make something this amazing? We wanted to bring all of you the most amazing and emotional future bass pack on the market. This thing is completely FULL of content, its outrageous. Let’s see what’s in this thing.

Chain Smoke Future Bass is one of the 3 packs in here. A complex pack filled with Construction Kits, Drum Loops, Melody Loops and Serum Presets, we know you will fall in love with this pack on use! Based after the popular EDM producers, the Chain Smokers, this pack isn’t really to mimic the Chain Smokers, but you invite you guys into the sound they have created. Having a unique sound in the EDM Industry is key to success, and the Chain Smokers have done that. This pack is filled with contents that will assist any producer to get the same sound that the Chain Smokers have while keeping their own originality and uniqueness.

Next on the list, Future Bass Essentials 2! This pack right here is absolutely insane. Full of all the ingredients to make that Virtual Riot or San Holo type Future Bass track we all know and love. You have to admit, having all the right tools to make a track is always great, but to be able to have those kinds of tools that allow you to sound like Virtual Riot or San Holo is absolutely incredible. Getting ahold of this pack is an ABSOLUTE MUST if you are striving to be a Future Bass producer.

And of course, last but not least in the slightest, Redhead Roman Future Bass Essence! I know what you are thinking, another Redhead Roman feature pack!? Well of course! Much like his others, Redhead Roman, the Owner and CEO of W. A. Production, has made it unfair how crammed this pack is. I mean really it’s absolutely insane how much is in this pack. With things such as 808s, Big Orchestral Percussion, Drum Hits, Percussions and Sylenth1 Presets, this pack has all anyone will ever need in the terms of Future Bass production. Create something electrifying with the highest quality samples made by one of the worlds most talented Sound Designers!

Of course, we know you are eager to see what’s inside these crazy pack, so here you go!

• 15 Construction Kits
• 87 Drum Loops & Top Loops
• 11 808 Basses
• 10 Big Orchestral Percussion
• 60 Claps & Snares
• 28 Cymbals
• 30 Kick Samples
• 52 Percussion Samples
• 41 Melody Loops
• 67 Sylenth1, Spire, Massive & Serum Presets


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