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W. A. Production back at is again with another amazing pack for all of you, and this time, it’s all about the FX! Pumped FX Essentials. This pack is the most creative FX packs out there. Crammed with 3 packs, this pack is full of diverse and unique FX Sound Design this market has to offer.

Let us dive on in, starting with Bigger Than Ever FX Essentials 1! An absolutely insane pack that will drive the back mix of your track trough the roof! The time that went into making sure this pack was one of the best FX packs out there is to insane to give exact numbers, but just trust that our sound designers have spent countless time in the studios making sure these FX pump your mix up like crazy. In any genre of music, FX are a very key part to making a successful track. FX are there to fill out any empty spaces in the general mix down, and to change the over vibe of a track, if intended. This pack will for sure assist any and all producers in that area, no problem!

Next, we have EDM FX 2017! This is just one of those packs that should be on every producer’s must have list! Because with a pack like this, full of FX Sound Design like this, is a key factor to becoming a successful producer. We can’t stress how important FX is in the general mix of a track, and we want to assure you that you can open up these packs and drag and drop these FX samples into you mix and fill it out.

Lastly, we have Smashing FX, which just like it’s title, has a smashing effect on your mixes! We know designing FX is not a very easy thing for many producers to do. It takes time to make sure the FX are at the highest quality so that it doesn’t underwhelm your mix. With all of these FX pacts at your disposal, you should never have to search for another FX pack again!

We know you love to see what this pack holds, so take a look!

• 40 Downlifters
• 108 Fills
• 178 FX Stems
• 152 Impacts
• 152 Risers
• 100 Short FX
• 30 Kick Samples
• 16 Various FX
• 50 Vocal FX
• 30 White Noises


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