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Pumped – Trap Essentials is a massive pack full of the world best Trap samples and presets on the market, and that’s a fact! Our amazing team of Sound Designers has spent countless hours figuring out exactly how this pack should sound, and we think we have mastered it with an amazing arrangement of Construction Kits, Drum Loops and Samples, Build-ups and Presets, this pack is for sure going to beef up any Trap tune you intended to make!

Let us give you a little origin report on how Trap music arrived in the EDM scene. Trap music, a lot of the time, is referred to be the music behind Rap lyrics. Take away the Rap vocals and you have a basic understanding of Trap music. Trap came about in the early 1990s in the Southern United States. It has a few standing characteristics like an over all beat that incorporates double or triple-time sub-divided hi-hat patterns, heavy kick or a lighter, almost mute kick that highlights the mid frequencies whilst the 808s focus the low end, layer synths and “cinematic” strings. Now, that is the basic example of Trap music, but Trap has totally transformed over the last 20 some years. Finding new sub genres such as dark trap, hybrid, chill and house trap, Trap music is by far one of the most popular genres in the EDM scene as of today.

We knoe the EDM industry has an absolute TON of Trap artist out there and we know that sometimes, the elements in Trap music can be hard to come by. This was one of our main reasons behind creating this pack for you guys, because we want to see as many Trap producers as possible take off in the EDM scene.

Now for the best part, seeing what you will get if you get this pack, take a look!

• 19 Construction Kits
• 5 Build-Ups
• 81 Drums Loops
• 144 Drums Samples
• 39 Melody Loops + MIDI
• 26 Massive Presets
• 36 Serum Presets
• 10 Spire Presets
• 17 Sylenth1 Presets


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