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Yeah, it's a short drive home if we're honored by fate. You are calm and quiet, I’m overwhelmed inside. I can feel your cry, it resonates in my bones. Now everything's changed, I'm overwhelmed. If I crumble inside, can I be built again for you? When everything I need has ruined everything I want, and everything I could be has fallen off, I turn and walk away if just to calm my nervous heart. You look to me for answers but I'm gone. I've gone away. Run away, run away, oh no. This world is unaware. Run away, run away. Maybe I was scared? Life changes in the span of a day. Maybe I was unprepared? I'm overwhelmed inside. Feel my fingers trembling, feel my shoulders tense, my thoughts soaked in adrenaline, all my defenses fell. Lay me beside all the hopes that I've left behind. Make me remember the ones that I held inside. Does it get any easier the second time? Have I run too far?